This is what is pain ..
Its dark, gets darker..
Yet enlighten us.
Its so cold that it hurts
but keeps our heart warm
it shows us we r little
In the whole world..
It breaks all the egoistic walls
Till its grained to finest, and then we start again.
Then we r born again
To Live again

making new rules , new restrictions for ourselves , trying to save ourselves,..
Letting go, of all the things and looking forward to new ones..
That’s the pain,

that changes u , sometimes very suddenly , sometimes slowly..
When u know your better, your stronger, here it comes..
To let u know, u r no bigger then life..

that none is perfect , even the dearest to us will hurt us , and that’slarge

how we learn how to forgive , how to let it go for the people who are worth…

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Eye, an organ , a part of our body from which we all are well aware of.

in simple words , a pair of organ present in vertebrates ( animals with backbone ) for the function of sight . what is its function ? very easy . to look , to see , observe , view , examine , inspect and all the alike actions .

Now there are different colors of eyes , brown , blue , hazel and all .

Blue color is very refreshing , attracting , no doubt its the most desired color by people all over the world . Blue color shows the color of boundless sky, or the abyssal seas and oceans all around . 

Now people with light brown or dark brown color do not get sad , You have your own significance .

Brown color is very intimidating , very optimistic and…

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