The Dark

Writer Meets World

“It’s about recreating the experience of being in the dark.”

I’m too demanding. I am a child. I am petulant, and arrogant, and spoiled and selfish. These are bad things. Okay, okay. So let’s backtrack. I can do this. I can be kinder, more accommodating, more forgiving. It’s okay, I understand, I need to be patient. It’s important for me to learn patience, and not hurt the people around me. I cannot be one of those monsters that hurts, that takes from the people around them. I will not take of your life and give you negativity. I will not contribute toxicity to this world.

But wait. I am sad. I am dissatisfied. I am hurt. You’re hurting me. This is hurting me. Are you taking advantage of me? I think you are. I think I am not wrong. Am I wrong? No, this hurts. I am not wrong. Stop…

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