Adult? No Thank You!

Extracts from the Mind

“There comes a time when everything starts changing. The world starts spinning, life seems to be falling apart. Nothing seems right. There is opposition from the ones you always believed to be the most supportive. There are heartbreaks, dreams shattering, truths turned lies. It actually is the reality that just turned up out of nowhere in your life. Everything before this was just a fairy tale. All those dreams and goals you’ve set for yourself can only come true in a world non-existent. It is just now that you’ve woken up from a deep sleep, you probably were dreaming. Must be a sweet sweet dream. What seems to be a nightmare is just the reality, my dear. You just have to figure out a way to deal with this”.

_ Sincerely a girl entering into Adulthood.

Okay, so the above written paragraph is the random thoughts that wander in my…

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