People who are gems.

The Way I Think

AsZFvmcetI-FTdsHqAQa16VOubELAJX8wP82AEFtUVz9 People who are gems.

Certain times in your life you are going to lose your spark.
There will be dark nights and empty hands.
You will stumble and cry.
And in those times, you will realize that people will laugh with you on your brightest days but not everyone will stay when it gets dark.

Precisely, in those times, you will figure out who meant well.
Who was worth it, in the end.

You will see people backing off and you will see others lingering around, just to make sure everything is okay with you. You will find some of them walking you through and getting you there, where you feel good all over again.
These are the people who, in the pitch dark night of your life when no one stands by, lift you up.

When the sun shines again and flowers blossom all around you,
make sure you…

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