The Way I Think


Wow! It is really beautiful. I just got a surprise gift from a sweet friend.I wasn’t expecting so, it made me feel out of this world. Receiving a gift made me realize the true meaning of the four-letter word ‘Gift’.

What exactly is a gift? It is not merely a word; in fact it is a beautiful gesture to show the care, love, sincerity & loyalty of loved ones. Gift is not only to spend money, it is also about taking one’s precious time from busy schedules. In fact, buying a gift could be considered as a task. One has to do brain storming to select it. One has to keep in mind the likes, dislikes,needs, wants and wishes of one’s friends & family.

Our beautiful religion wants us to share gifts. There are several Hadiths, which emphasize on sharing gifts.

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be…

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