Soar or Slump?

The Way I Think


I was lying on the grass beneath the clear and mild azure sky. It was very interesting to watch birds soaring. Birds have beautiful feathers that bring joy and wonder to us. And flight is the feature that probably captures the human imagination more than anything else. Every bird starts the flight from the ground and by flapping its wings; it gains certain altitude and then soars away high in the sky. While I was in my imaginations I got many questions in my mind.

  1. After every slump comes soar but is there any path which can lead us from soar to slump?
  2. Is there a limit of soar?
  3. The way a bird can soar for a long time in the sky after gaining its right altitude, can we as human, also maintain this kind of soar in life?

Now, you must be thinking, what soar and slump are?


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