Let them judge you!

The Way I Think


I am extremely sorry. I really am.” I said that almost the thirtieth time. My voice trembled with embarrassment.

It wasn’t your mistake, I was being sensitive and judged too quickly. I realized my own fault when I met you again. Dont apologize please.” She said.

I just came to know about a friend whom I had unknowingly hurt last month. She came to me and confessed her pain. Even though it was a mere misunderstanding, I was too embarrassed to figure anything out at that time. The only thing I did, was apologize to her over and over again.

It was only after the day ended, when I sat down and tried to figure out where I went wrong. A part of me felt disappointed. How could I be so insensitive?  How could I hurt someone to an extent that she had to cry about…

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