Journey from innocence to maturity

The Way I Think

Why do people label me as an “Innocent“? I always wanted to know that, what makes me innocent? In opposition to that I will characterize myself as a mature person, maybe because my criteria of judging an innocent person are quite different from others. In quest of why and what I asked the following questions to my friends.

  • How do you perceive Innocence?
  • How do you perceive Maturity? 

Answers were unexpected. A human is so wise, prudent, knowledgeable and insightful. The most childish person gave me the answers like an adult. One of them said, “Innocence is inversely proportional to maturity; as you go through different experiences of your life innocence goes off”. One thing that I noticed was, everyone tried their best to give me perfect and extraordinary answers. I assume it was their innocence that wanted to show maturity.

As my friend says, “Innocence is…

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