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“Sir, Zalzala(earthquake)! Sir, Zalzala(earthquake)!”
I had not yet realised that the Earth’s shaking unless the girls started shouting. I could hear noise and voices (screaming Earthquake!) from outside the classroom. Within seconds, I could see the hustle and bustle in my class. I could see girls putting their hands to their mouth out of shock and fright. I could hear voices full of fear. I could see the fan and the windows shaking, the chairs and the tables rattling. I could see everybody, out of their senses, running out of the college building.

“When the earth is severely quaked. And the earth throws out its heavy burdens. And man enquires, “What has come over it? On that day, it will tell its information.”

But wait! The earthquake was over. Everyone had calmed down. Everybody was safe. No roof fell, no building came down nor did the Earth split open. Nobody was out…

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