She became a sinner!

The Way I Think


She was looking at her trembling hands. Those hands were once raised in prayers for His love. They worked in His way. They struggled for His pleasure. But today… ? she clenched her hairs in agony.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. These eyes had cried at nights for Emaan. They had dreamed of a pious life. She pulled her hair more. There was despair in the air.
She was sitting at the corner of her room. It was dark. It was quiet. Yet there was terrific chaos inside her. Her world had collapsed and she had fallen beneath the debris. She was shattered  because today, she was a disappointment.. to her Lord.. to her ideology… to her pride…to her self…
‘How could I do this…’
She sobbed. Everything was drenched in shame. She felt guilt penetrating every cell of her body. With every tick of the clock, her pain increased…

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