Convert Muslims and their hardships!

The Way I Think


Whenever I read or hear about convert Muslims, deep inside my heart a desire arises to meet them. I want to listen to their conversion stories. I want to know what makes them embrace Islam. Luckily, I have met two convert Muslims, both from different origins and continents, in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

I cannot describe in words, how enthusiastic I felt when I met them. I couldn’t wait to hear from them how they embraced Islam. At first glance, what I noticed is that both of them wrapped themselves in an Abaya. For me it is surprising how practicing they are MashaaAllah, much better than majority of born Muslims like us. When I talked to them, more or less the stories of both are same. They embraced Islam after reading and researching a lot.

I realized after meeting them that life after being a new Muslim is not a…

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