Key to happiness!

The Way I Think


Where is the key to happiness?

Everyone in this world wishes to be happy and to attain happiness. We all have a never-ending list of wishes. Everyone has his or her own definition of happiness. For some; happiness only lies with in food and shelter. For some; happiness is a better and beautiful place to live, a lovable family and a wonderful job. For few; it is even more than that; more and more money. So, overall happiness is a term with a broad meaning depending upon personal priorities.

Happiness is infact a never-ending phenomenon.Once a wish is fulfilled, the other is waiting in the queue, so the process goes on and on. From the day of birth till death, man has a never-ending list of worldly things for his happiness.He thinks that if this particular thing happens, he will be happy, otherwise not.

Just try to list down all…

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