Are you thinking twice?

The Way I Think


Asalamualykum wa RehmatuLLAH!’

I turned my head to left saying salam, ending my Taraweeh and  hurried opening my bag. She was sniffing and I knew she was having a hard time praying. I thought I will give her my tissue pack as soon as our prayer ends. And now it had ended but I was unable to hand her this. I was shy. This was a new place for me. I did not know their language. And most of all, there were two girls between us, I wasn’t even sure if I could cross them and hand her the tissues. ‘What if its impolite here? I don’t even know their culture.’

She sniffed again.

‘Just give her. If you intend good, go for it.’ thinking this I leaned forward. Just when I was about to hand her my tissue pack, the girl between us handed her one. She…

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