I chose revenge!

The Way I Think


I am not what I used to be. I have a different identity. I have evolved. I have grown. I have changed. What I held few years back, I do not own now. What I longed for in the past, I no longer dream of.  I had walked different paths before, I tread on other trails now. Life has changed and I, along with it, have learnt to change.
Few years back, I used to ‘believe in taking revenge’. I remember saying these words many times in my life. I did not believe in forgiveness. I did not believe in giving too many chances to people. For me, things used to be clear and fair. If a person damages your trust, and you have a choice to forgive or take revenge; go for revenge! People need to learn their lessons. If you don’t teach them today, they will stab you…

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