I chose revenge!

The Way I Think


I am not what I used to be. I have a different identity. I have evolved. I have grown. I have changed. What I held few years back, I do not own now. What I longed for in the past, I no longer dream of.  I had walked different paths before, I tread on other trails now. Life has changed and I, along with it, have learnt to change.
Few years back, I used to ‘believe in taking revenge’. I remember saying these words many times in my life. I did not believe in forgiveness. I did not believe in giving too many chances to people. For me, things used to be clear and fair. If a person damages your trust, and you have a choice to forgive or take revenge; go for revenge! People need to learn their lessons. If you don’t teach them today, they will stab you…

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Are they made of gold?

The Way I Think


The moon of ‘Dhul Hajj’ has been sighted, Eid-ul-Adha is coming near InshaaAllah. Livestock markets are everywhere and people are in search of animals for the ‘Day of Sacrifice‘ but the prices are touching the sky. A middle class man cannot afford a reasonable animal even if he wants to do it.

Now a days sacrifice is more like a show off for money. Sellers want to sell their animals on any cost since they incur very high travelling expenses to make it to the live stock markets. They use many tactics for selling, for example,’this cow knows it is going to be sacrificed, this goat has such a beautiful color’ etc.

Meat prices are already very high but during Eid prices are more than doubled. And now when there are situations when ‘Haram’ meat is found on Butcher shops, animals are even more expensive realizing the fact that…

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The Way I Think


In the red shirt and blue shorts he was lying peacefully near the course of sea without any fear, without any tension leaving the whole world shocked; making the whole world think if they really are ‘Human’ enough?

Who was He? A three-year-old Syrian refugee, who was found dead on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. He made himself known to social media after his death, as before death he was an unknown refugee. What was his fault? His fault was nothing except that he wanted to live ,he wanted shelter, he wanted protection, he wanted to survive.

He was travelling to some other country along with his family in the hope of life, but they never knew it would leave them towards death.

He made humans realize that the word ‘Human’ is not enough. Action and deeds are important. He made the whole world speech less.

Among almost 196 countries…

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You plan and He plans!

The Way I Think


Remember the time when you thought life will be easy and sparkly… You will be appreciated and loved no matter where you go… Your journey will be easy and everything will come your way naturally… When you imagined a life of comfort where everything happened according to your plan? And then you stepped out of your home, into the practical life and everything just broke down? Your expectations were ruined and your dreams were shattered because life didnt turn out to be the way you had imagined. Remember that time, when you thought life will be easy?

Yeah well, Let me tell you something…

Life doesn’t need your plans or dreams!

It doesn’t come your way, it doesn’t need your way. You cannot create one pattern of your journey because there is no one pattern of this life. It comes in million different forms to billion unexpected realities. The moment you think…

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Do you think it’s your Will?

The Way I Think


Humans associate Allah’s will only with things we don’t have any control over, like health, life & death. For the rest of the things, the ‘Best of Creations’ thinks he can do everything on his own and boasts on the thoughts that he has full control. Whenever he achieves something, he feels proud of his self, saying: “I worked hard to earn money, to get a degree and to get a house”, without even thinking that in reality, the control of everything is in the hands of Allah.

‘’And if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no remover of it except Him; and if He intends for you good, then there is no repeller of His bounty. He causes it to reach whom He wills of His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful’’

(Surah Yunus: 107)

However, there come events in life where one…

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