Who is the lucky woman?

The Way I Think

  • Who pays your daily household expenses?
  • Who pays for dinner or lunch?
  • Who pays for your travelling & trips?
  • Who pays for your clothing?

These are the questions we came across in our foreign language course. There were students from different religions, regions & cultures, so everyone replied according to their culture & norms. When my turn came, my answer to all of the above questions was a single word: ‘My Husband’. The next question they asked was, “and how about before marriage?” My answer was: ‘My Father’. Everyone was astonished hearing this. Most of them said that even after getting married, they have to earn for themselves to survive and manage their household, pay for dining outside, for travelling and for clothing too!

They were so impressed that some of them wanted a husband from our region! But I clarified and told them that it has nothing to do…

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