When the Doorbell rang & I opened the door……

The Way I Think

“I wish I was never born….” I said to myself.

It was again the usual depression I was going through from past one year. I had just come back from my High School Farewell Party and was tired enough. After all it was a whole day of enjoyment, laughter’s, screaming, fun, excitement and not to forget the dances which I was preparing for quite sometime. I dropped myself in bed and opened my eyes when it was 12 in night. Nobody was home except my brother as usual.

“Life is meaningless!” Sipping the hot coffee I again thought. In spite of all that fun I just had, there was deep silence within myself.

“Maybe it’s just that I take things too much on my mind”. “Of course I have a LIFE. I have everything I want. I have a big family, siblings, I have a long list of achievements, I…

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