Who is the lucky woman?

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  • Who pays your daily household expenses?
  • Who pays for dinner or lunch?
  • Who pays for your travelling & trips?
  • Who pays for your clothing?

These are the questions we came across in our foreign language course. There were students from different religions, regions & cultures, so everyone replied according to their culture & norms. When my turn came, my answer to all of the above questions was a single word: ‘My Husband’. The next question they asked was, “and how about before marriage?” My answer was: ‘My Father’. Everyone was astonished hearing this. Most of them said that even after getting married, they have to earn for themselves to survive and manage their household, pay for dining outside, for travelling and for clothing too!

They were so impressed that some of them wanted a husband from our region! But I clarified and told them that it has nothing to do…

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Perfection of Imperfect People!

The Way I Think


I think every one of us has been a victim of comparison fiasco at least once in his life. It’s not only when we are compared by others, but it’s also when we compare ourselves to others. Moreover, it’s not just about physical attributes in our lives, we tend to compare abstract entities as well. Strange right?  When was the last time you saw a very happy person and you did not think ‘Wow, I wish I could be that happy all the time!” or maybe “I wonder how he is so content, I bet I cannot do it in my life.”

One way or the other, we have set the foundations of unnecessary comparisons in this world. We get compared because we compare.

Each one of us, compares!

When you compare your body, your life or even your state of mind with another person, you are actually saying goodbye…

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And Independence Day is over….!

The Way I Think

She was crying and begging for a visa at the Embassy but despite having all the documents, she didn’t get the visa.

Why? Because in place of her nationality, ‘XXX’ was written on her residence permit. I wondered what it stood for? She was crying loudly and with deep pain she was saying, “So on earth we have no country, we have no place to live, no place to call ours. We have no right to live at any place. We have no nationality. What should we do?  It’s not our fault but still we have to sacrifice.”

This ‘XXX’ is written because almost half a century ago, when there was war in Palestine her forefathers moved to Syria. They thought that they will travel back once the war would be over. But with the passage of time, the war wasn’t over and they remained in Syria. But now at…

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I refuse to Celebrate!

The Way I Think

Mock me? Embarrass me? Or maybe abandon me ? Apparently I have disrespected your pompous concept of nationality and your love for this land which is flawless. Your spirit which needs no change, is admirable. You were born on a free soil with the resources that could fulfill your every demand. This land was built for people like you who had money and could buy their dreams. This country is for you who wanted to be a doctor or an engineer because you deserve to be educated. You were civilized, You are cultured and You will always be better than me, because you are MORE Pakistani than me!

Me? I am a discolored soul with dirty hands. I have filth in my body and germs in my aura. You wont talk to me because I am not worthy of your attention. I am poor, I am uneducated and I am…

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۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ احمد کا پاکستان ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔

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Ahmed Ka Pakistan !!

The Way I Think

امی: احمد بیٹا اسکول سے آ رہے ہو ؟ اتنی دیر کر دی ہے ، چلو جلدی سے وردی بدل لو اور کھانا کھا لو’. آج جمعہ ہے کام پر بھی جلدی جانا ہے تم نے۔

احمد:  جی امی۔

احمد کپڑے بدل کر کھانا کھا نے لگا اور اپنی امی کو اپنے اسکول کے دن کے بارے میں خوشی خوشی بتانے لگا ، کیسے آج اسکول میں بچوں نے خاکے پیش کیے ، تقریریں کیں اور ملی نغمے گائے . اس کی امی نے ڈانٹ کر کہا “بس اب بولنا بند کرو اور جلدی جلدی کھانا کھاؤ . کام پر دیر ہو گئی تو استاد جی بڑا خفا ہوں گیں”. یہ بات سنتے ہی احمد جو اب تک چہک چہک کر بول رہا تھا ایک دم ہی منہ لٹک گیا اس کا . وہ جو اسکول سے ڈھیر ساری باتیں سوچ کر آیا تھا کے امی کو بتاے گا سب بےکار…

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