The Way I Think

Recently I came across a word that caught my attention; Weltschmerzen. Its a combination of two German words i.e

Welt (Meaning: World) + Schmerzen (Meaning: Pain, Agony)

This term was originally coined by German author Jean Paul. He referred to this term as a depiction of  specific state of mind in which a person feels miserable because physical world cannot fulfill the demands of his mind. Modern meaning of this term includes the psychological distress caused by the ills of this world.

When I read this word, I was fascinated. It appears to be extremely comprehensive word and it holds utmost depth and meanings to me. Human body consists of two1 separate entities. There is a physical entity which is fed, grown and nourished through material world. You would find majority of people struggling all their lives fulfilling the needs of their physical body. Food, clothes, big house, degree, car…

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