I am scared of the world

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The worst place you can put another is in blaming him for an crime he did not commit, abuse him for things he never did, hold him accountable for sins committed by others.

Maybe this situation is relatable to you, maybe not. Apparently, injustice should be decreasing with every passing century, as the world progresses everyday, new laws are put into practice, more people are educated.

I am unfortunately a victim. A victim of crime I never committed. And I am scared because even though I don’t qualify for this label, the world shoved it at me forcefully and I have to run for my life now.

What is my crime?

One word.


I am a Muslim.

May it be social media, mainstream media or people walking down on the roads, I am a target in all of these places.

It reminds me of Prison Break when the faces of fox river…

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