Repelling the Repulsive!

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Ah! For those times, when grandparents reprimanded on talking about or watching TV shows showing a non-mehram man and woman together, even if as characters they were husband and wife. When gay was a word that meant only happy.

And today? This is what is happening: “Supreme Court rules in favour of same-sex marriage nationwide.” (US)

As my hands write on this topic, my whole body shivers with fear. My heart feels constricted lest I be struck by the punishment of Allah. The ruling might have been given in the US but we Muslims today are “comfortable” with this topic.

Don’t we watch the western media happily and try to copy them? Does reading or watching about this heinous crime ever give us goosebumps? Or do we just digest the information as easily as if we were reading about a new scientific discovery in Sunday…

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زم زم کا کیمیائی تجزیہ و تاریخی پس منظر

AlSafaat اَلصّٰفّٰت

مسجد الحرام میں کعبہ شریف سے 15 کلومیٹر دور شمال جنوب مشرق میں حجرہ اسود کے سیدھ میں ایک کنواں واقع ہے، جسکو آب زم زم کہتے ہیں. یہ کنواں کعبہ شریف سے بھی قدیم ہے اس کی گہرائی کے بارے میں اب تک کہا جاتا ہے کہ وہ 140 فٹ ہے لیکن حالیہ پیمائش پر یہ 208 فٹ گہرا پایا گیا ہے ممکن ہے کہ پانی کی مسلسل نکاسی کی وجہ سے یہ گہرا ہو گیا ہو. مسلمانوں کے نزدیک اس کا پانی متبرک ہے. رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم خود اسے بہت احترام سے پیتے رہے اور جب ہجرت کر کے مدینہ منورہ تشریف لے گئے تو صلح حدیبیہ کے موقع پر منگوا کر پیا اور واپسی میں ساتھ لے گئے اور حضرت عائشہ رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہ کو بھی پلایا. دوسرے صحابہ کرام رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہ بھی اس سے مزید استفادہ کے لیے سفر…

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ہم اور ہمارا نظام تعلیم

AlSafaat اَلصّٰفّٰت

تعلیم کسے کہتے ہیں؟ کتاب سے پڑھ کر یاد کرنے کو؟ کچھ نئے تصورات سمجھنے کو؟ علمی بحث و مباحثہ کرنے کو؟ ڈگری کے حصول کو؟… یا پھر کچھ اور؟

تعلیم محض حقائق جاننے کا نام نہیں بلکہ یہ دراصل ہمارے ذہن کو سوچنے پر مجبور کرنے کا ایک بہانہ ہے. تعلیم کا مقصد کیرئیر بنانا نہیں بلکہ ذہن بنانا ہے. تعلیم اعتماد پیدا کرتی ہے. اعتماد امید پیدا کرتا ہے اور یہی امید معاشرے میں امن و سلامتی پیدا کرنے کا سبب بنتی ہے. تعلیم وہ خزانہ ہے جیسے حاصل کرنے کے لیے کھوج لگانا پڑتی ہے، اس کے لیے جستجو اور یکسوئی درکار ہے. اب اگر کوئی خزانے کا طلبگار ہی نہ ہو تو کوئی بھی زبردستی اس کو خزانے تک نہیں لے جا سکتا اور اگر کوئی اس خزانے تک رسائی کا عزم کر چکا ہو تو اسے پھر کوئی روک نہیں سکتا. اس شخص کی مثال…

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Who do you love?

Who do you love?

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If there is one man that every single human being needs to know about, it is the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Wondering why?

Well, if you take just take out a few seconds of your time to read some of the following extremely powerful reasons, you shall hopefully find your answer and dispel several myths surrounding this particular man. The sayings below will help any human being from any part of the world to draw lessons and take inspiration from. These are just a droplet from the ocean of sayings by this extraordinary human being.

Each of the following sayings have been scientifically and historically verified by multiple specialists. The sources and references have been academically verified by scholars of literature. There is no doubt that the Prophet Muahammad (saw) actually said these. 


  • “A Muslim who plants a tree or sows a field, from which man, birds and animals can…

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The No-Food Days

“The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few morsels to keep him alive. If he must fill it, then one-third for his food, one-third for his drink, and one-third for air.” (al-Tirmidhi –saheeh by al-Albaani)

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unnamed By Niqabi Swag Girl 

The first day of Ramadan is always a whole new experience. You wake up in the morning and are about to tramp towards the kitchen when you realize it’s no-breakfast day. Oops! “Better get to work as there is nothing else to do”, you say to yourself. You start working and realize after 10 minutes that it’s no-snack day. Uh-oh! So you get back to work and then you keep remembering this after every few minutes and continue your work. By the time you realize it’s no-lunch day, you’re half done. And voila! You end up finishing your work miraculously without any food!

Wait! You think you finished even though you didn’t have any food? Nah! You finished because you didn’t have any food. Oh yes! Most of us in the Muslim world of Asia have food on our minds pretty much all day (maybe…

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We Have Been Made Beautifully, Haven’t We?

awesomely written ❤

The Indian Reverted Muslimah...

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It is just another sultry afternoon.There is virtually nothing to do. I have been sitting like a log since the past thirty minutes- leaning on the sofa, legs stretched, with a book on my lap and my mobile on the table. What does one do on such a day? Just as I was glancing across the room, my eyes fall on my foot. My toe nail. 

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I am scared of the world

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The worst place you can put another is in blaming him for an crime he did not commit, abuse him for things he never did, hold him accountable for sins committed by others.

Maybe this situation is relatable to you, maybe not. Apparently, injustice should be decreasing with every passing century, as the world progresses everyday, new laws are put into practice, more people are educated.

I am unfortunately a victim. A victim of crime I never committed. And I am scared because even though I don’t qualify for this label, the world shoved it at me forcefully and I have to run for my life now.

What is my crime?

One word.


I am a Muslim.

May it be social media, mainstream media or people walking down on the roads, I am a target in all of these places.

It reminds me of Prison Break when the faces of fox river…

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