Inferior Mentality

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A while ago, I was watching morning show of Nida Yasir on ARY where were invited two young girls who became popular over Facebook for singing one of Justin Bieber’s song, unparalleled. They are also known by the name “Justin Beebees.”

Muqaddas and Sania who do not belong to the upper class of Pakistan and are also not well-educated were appreciated for their beautiful voice but at the same treated unfairly as a human not just on the social media but also in the morning show.

The sister’s were stereotyped to be someone who can’t understand English as it is presumed language of the educated and rich class. Hence their English was made mockery of and eventually the title “Justin Beebees.”

I was shocked to see how they were being treated on the show. Although you could sense the feeling of that extra attention and care you give to your…

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