Reason is..


Bismillah 🙂

In the past few weeks, life has turned up side down and forced me to kneel down on my knee.. SubhanAllah

I never thought life would have been this difficult and complicated..

Why things started to become complicated?
Why things started to become so difficult?
Why things started to become so unclear?

Reason is one and only one :
Distance away from Allah

I have got to admit that. Deep down in my heart, I miss being close to Him as how I used to..

But that doesn’t mean, if we fell, we can’t get up back again.

Get up on your feet back again with zillion of trust on Allah

And thus miracle will definitely happen..
And am waiting for the miracle to happen inshaAllah Ameen ♡


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The One Who is Praised

Youth Club Blog

By Mariam Riaz

As I lifted my pen to write his praise

Words failed me, my heart did race
If only the world understood his place
Insignificant am I, what’s my worth?
Yet he prayed for me before my birth
The kindest man to have walked this earth
The moon did fade to his beauty
Despite it, an emblem of modesty
And the highest example of honesty
What would I give to have him here now,
Striking those around him with awe?
What crowds would his presence draw!
The Message he was sent to preach
More liberating than “freedom of speech”
Sent from Heights our minds can’t reach
His Honour came from the skies
It cannot be snatched with their lies
For his mention was only meant to rise
His praise resonates across the world
#WhoIsMuhammad, peace be upon his soul
My teacher, my mentor, beloved above all.

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