A story of ‘firsts’

Usman Ghafoor

By Usman Ghafoor

Mahira Khan and Atif Aslam look to writer-director Shoaib Mansoor for instructions, while cinematographer Salman Razzak (centre) prepares for shooting ‘Hona tha pyar’, in Qarshi Park, Lahore.

There are many ‘firsts’ attached to Bol, pop star Atif Aslam’s acting debut aside. MTV VJ turned model Mahirah Khan-Askari makes her first appearance on big screen, although she is now due on a lavish Mehreen Jabbar production also. Not only does she play one of the main leads in Bol, Mahirah is cast opposite Atif in what is actually the film’s only romantic track in the story.

Mahirah will be seen, for the first time, donning a burqa and sporting a very simple, non-glamorous look, minus any makeup and designer clothing — all of which is in accordance with her character as a lower-middle-class girl. Those who’ve had a peek into the sneak previews of Bol swear…

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