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Pakistan, which means ‘land of the pure’, is the inheritor of a long and varied history, rich in cultural traditions. Its sands have been the playground and burial place for some of the greatest imperialists and adventurers. The land has attracted scholars and mystics, adventurers and missionaries.
It is not easy to categorize Pakistanis. They belong to different tribes and ethnic groups and speak different languages. It has been shaped and united by a common faith for centuries, through the message of love, peace, dignity and support for the poor preached by the Sufis who came to the region centuries ago.

Pakistan is an ancient land in world history.

Cultural landscape of Balochistan portrays various ethnic groups. Though people speaks different languages, there is a similarity in their literature, believes, moral order and customs. The cementing factor is religion which provides a base for unity and…

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Once upon a time ★


Hello World

This is my start to blogging and I would love to share my experiences with you all.
Today I am sharing my story when I was 6 years old, I went to dinner with my family at village restaurant which is at sea-view, we had a wonderful dinner and a peaceful time, then my elder brother insist my father to take us to sea-view, I insist too.
We did horse riding , camel riding it was a lot fun, then I don’t even know how I just got lost, I was literally shivering, I was searching for my family I was running everywhere then a man with long hair came to me and asked me to have a camel ride for free I ran away from him and crying loudly, Meanwhile my parents were searching for me they thought that the sea swallowed me or someone kidnapped me…

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A story of ‘firsts’

Usman Ghafoor

By Usman Ghafoor

Mahira Khan and Atif Aslam look to writer-director Shoaib Mansoor for instructions, while cinematographer Salman Razzak (centre) prepares for shooting ‘Hona tha pyar’, in Qarshi Park, Lahore.

There are many ‘firsts’ attached to Bol, pop star Atif Aslam’s acting debut aside. MTV VJ turned model Mahirah Khan-Askari makes her first appearance on big screen, although she is now due on a lavish Mehreen Jabbar production also. Not only does she play one of the main leads in Bol, Mahirah is cast opposite Atif in what is actually the film’s only romantic track in the story.

Mahirah will be seen, for the first time, donning a burqa and sporting a very simple, non-glamorous look, minus any makeup and designer clothing — all of which is in accordance with her character as a lower-middle-class girl. Those who’ve had a peek into the sneak previews of Bol swear…

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