Perhaps you are next Sultan Muhammad al Fateh. Aren’t you?

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By Zahra Bint Zaki

It was another calamity, another trial – just another news item that described the spilling of blood of umpteen creatures.

As Muhammad scrolled throughout the web page to learn about every minute detail of the very incident that took place, numbness paralyzed his fingers and the watering of eyes almost blurred his vision.

‘Calamities upon calamities,’ he whispered to himself.

Agitated he shut the lid, grabbed the laptop along with its case and ran towards the exit of his one-bedroom flat, as he hurriedly placed his laptop in its bag, rushing on the way. It was 8:00 am and he was already late for work.

“Mr. Muhammad al Fateh”, a voice called out from behind while he stood attentively, waiting to catch a bus to home, after spending long tiring hours of work at the office.

“Yes!” He exclaimed in surprise, as he turned around…

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My Ramadan Diary: Those People Again!

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By Umm Ibrahim

Ramadan has ended. Eid is here. Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept from us and you all!

Allah is the Greatest. There is no God but Him. And to Him belongs all Praise and Gratitude.

Many of us have been privileged to go through the entire Quran this month either on our own, in Taraweeh, or in a halaqah. When one reaches the end of the Quran, one is forced to think over the fact that the last Surah that Allah places in the Quran is an-Naas (Mankind). The last word of the Surah, and hence the Quran, is also an-Naas.

After you’ve gone through the entire Quran, with its perfect wisdom in its halal and haram, laws and stories, promises and threats, Allah reminds us at the end how vulnerable we remain to the whispers of those who whisper evil thoughts in…

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Chapter 28: The Waning Dusk (series)

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haramMyth: Let the “Haraam” game begin

O Prophet, why do you ban (on your self) something that Allah has made lawful for you, seeking to please your wives? And Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful. (66:1)

Though the story behind this verse is different, the gist is the same– declaring something haraam upon yourself when it might not be. People, in particular Facebook users, have a lot of time on their hands. There’s some sort of “this-brand-is-haraam campaign” going on over Facebook, usually flaunted by low-res, shoddily photoshopped images of widely-consumed products telling people to freeze chewing candies midway.


Before you are compelled by your moral obligation to hit ‘Share’ just because the picture has haraam written on it– stop. Just pause for a moment and do your own research. It does not befit an educated Muslim to fuel a rumor mill without verifying sensitive information before spreading panic and mass…

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Chapter 27: The Waning Dusk (series)

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Myth: It’s family. Everything works.

It’s usually people close to us who get to see us unleash our full-blown tirade on them. Nonsensical quotes like, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you certainly don’t deserve me at my best” are partly the reason why we justify expressing our cranky side.

In this part of the Quran, the people of Paradise are engaged in a conversation about their worldly matters. When I read this verse, I knew I had a situation there:

They will say, “Indeed we were afraid (of Allah’s punishment) when we were amidst our family,  But Allah did favour to us and saved us from the torment of Fire’s scorching breath. (52:26-27)

I can give up music, I can give up TV-series, movies, can even try not to backbite but putting on the best conduct with family– that was just overreaching. Get your folks and friends in…

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My Ramadan Diary: What will the People Say?

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By Umm Ibrahim

“Log kia kahein gy?”

“Log kia kahein gy?” – this has probably killed more dreams and good intentions than any other thought.

As Ramadan softens our hearts and shakes our conscience, we dream of becoming better people, we make good, honest intentions, but often the fear of people stops us from forging ahead. We hesitate to step out of our comfort zone, fearing the reaction of people more than anything else. Be it a beard, a hijab, praying regularly, joining a Quran Class or saying no to gossip and music- change and the associated questions and remarks it invites from the people around us make us very uncomfortable.

Our brain and the whispers of the devil play odd tricks on us. We play out worst-case scenarios in our mind until we lose the courage to change anything in ourselves for the better, stifle the squeaky voice…

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