We The Muslim Teenagers

I admit it .. i really do …i mean i knew it … that its wrong but i thought i will make the wrong
right …. i will make every one agree … but i didn’t thought agree on what ?? agree on something
that’s stupid … agree on something i knew was wrong … I thought i will shut this in a day …
i thought by doing this i will not fail my parents !!
I thought its wrong … Shaitan whispered …. He is Rahim and Kareem … He will forgive you ….
Its okay to love someone .. its okay to talk to him , its okay ….
okay i will shut this soon .
I know my parents don’t like him but i will tell them i love him and they will agree …

This is all we think … We The Muslim Teenagers …. We are always wrong at this point …
We think its okay to love … its okay … he will marry me … what’s wrong if i would talk to
him … No nothing is wrong with that , the only wrong thing is we r breaking the trust of our
parents , we are letting ourselves to do Gunnah by thinking Allah will forgive us …
He Will and he Does but doing a Gunnah and thinking we will be forgiven..That’s a sin in itself .
Why to fall in this age ???
why can’t we be strong ??
if someone approaches … why can’t we prove ourselves trust worth ??
strong enough to tell them , that we care about our Deen , we care about our parents and
we care about our Allah … !!!
In Sha Allah we will … lets try not be trapped in such things … try to prove our strength we
have … Try to stand still and not to break the trust everyone has on us !!

May Allah save each and every girl from such situations and those who have been mistaken
, May Allah forgive them and give them a new life 🙂 Ameen !!


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