Made our way to Kabul, Afghanistan…

Im not sure how it all happened, how I managed to travel from Denmark all the way down to Kabul. I never thought I would end up here but I suppose thats what happens when you don’t really plan. 

The first day we arrived we went to my uncles house and met his wife and his two children. The rest of the family joined, my aunt and my younger uncles. And when my grandfather arrived it felt like Christmas from Little Women. 

Time does fly by when your having the best time. It’s been two weeks now since we’ve been in Kabul and I can hardly believe it. I love everything about this place. With most of our family and friends here, it feels like home. I cannot wait to share more stories of my time here with you guys. Just be patient since I have a little bit of trouble with wifi for the time being. 

Love from Afghanistan ❤

“duniya ka koi bhi jazba hadd se zyada badh jaaye toh nuksaan dene lagta hai. chahe woh mohabbat hi kyun na ho…”

Flawless Fawad khan in Behadd